Stone Carvings

Peru : A country with a rich stone carving tradition

Stone – the raw material to express human dreams, honor nature or survive in time. While the Incas already have been master stonemasons carving boulders into exactly fitting parts of giant walls, nowadays Peruvian lapidary artists do carve stones in order to create everlasting images of Mother Nature’s wildlife or to create objects reflecting people’s beliefs and dreams. Search our collection of stone carvings to find yours.

A great variety of quality stone carvings

Gemrock Peru offers you a great and constantly increasing variety of stone carvings from skulls to animals and other types of carvings. We offer small commercial sizes and big supersized carvings. We offer qualities for smaller purses and higher quality pieces for the selective taste.

Within all quality and size levels we always work with the best stone carvers of Peru.

Collectors’ pieces

Sculpturing is like a negotiation between the artist and the stone, whereby the artist tries to realize his vision and the stone sets the limit of what’s possible. There are a small number of Peruvian lapidary artists capable to master the stone and we are working with them. While many of those artworks are repeatable and some can be produced in big numbers, there are always the few unique pieces born out of a special stone and created by a master lapidary artist. Those pieces are the other part of our collectors’ piece selection.

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