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beautifull hand-made pyrite cluster sphere stand

Who we are:

Crystal  & Mineral Miners,

Gemstone Producers, 

Custom + Service Cutters

Global Wholesaler of:

– Roug rock

– Crystals

– Gemstone Products

– Cabochons

– Healing Crystals

– Home Decor

– Jewelry

Producers and wholesalers for Peruvian gemstone products

Created in 2017 as a small gemstone workshop we always strived for maximum quality. In 2020 we associated with a silversmith and started to develop our first jewelry designs. Ethical mining and lapidary production as well as environmental protection are other key elements of our business idea.

By now (2022) we have managed to build a global group of customers appreciating our business model and our product quality. We are now exporting our products in more than 25 countries all around the world.

But there is still so much to do: We are now the first company in the crystal business that has calculated its carbon footprint and we are working towards offering our clients environmentally friendly carbon neutral crystal products. Developing new quality products and diversifying our product range is a constant effort. Finding new ways to constantly improve our customer service is our main focus in a rapidly changing world.

Or buy your personal crystal product at our webshop:

Ethical Crystal Mining Operations

2021 was the birth year of our own crystal and mineral mining operation in the Peruvian Andes. Starting in the coastal desert mountains of Lima Province we are planning to expand on national level unearthing new types of minerals and high quality crystals, showing the world the spectacular richness and diversity of the Andes.

Gemrock Peru´s mining operations are ethical and non-abusive with low environmental impact and provide formal labor opportunities for miners.

Carbon-neutral Crystals

Gemrock Peru is most likely the worlds´ first business in the crystal industry calculating the carbon footprint of its´ mining and lapidary services. Based on our analysis we are now incorporating a systematic approach of reducing our environmental impact into our daily operations.

We are now offering our wholesale and our retail clients the unique opportunity to buy the worlds´ first carbon-neutral crystal products by incorporating our own reforestation project in the Peruvian rainforest into our business goals.

Fine Crystals

Crystals are natures treasures hidden away deep in the Peruvian Andes. We are at the mining frontlines penetrating the deep dark underground territories, unlocking nature’s secrets and bringing to light what was created without intent to ever show it.

We are offering carefully assorted crystal flats at wholesale prices in different quality classes.

We are also offering a small and exquisite collection of unique top-quality fine minerals for private collectors at our web-shop. 


We are cooperating with a Peruvian gold- and silversmith to develop our own jewelry lines using high quality sterling silver. Our silver is guaranteed free of cadmium and other toxic metals, which are so frequently found in cheap jewelry.

Combining our high quality cabochons with our own silversmithing provides for jewelry that can be worn for decades.

If you require our services to custom develop and produce your own jewelry lines, we are happy to help.

Cutting services

Do you need reliable high quality cutting services for a reasonable price? 

Are you looking for a service provider that is willing to develop new products according to your requirements?

Would you like to get expert advice in order to improve your product?

Do you wish for someone to optimize the process and get the most out of your rough?

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