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Palm Stones

Palm Stones


We are offering you a standardized oval shape with a size of 70 x 50 X 10 mm. Alternatively you can also choose a triangular less standardized and rather variable shape with an approximate length of 60 to 66 mm and similar thickness of approximately 10 mm. A third option is a smaller oval palmstone with a length of approx 45mm.

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fluorescent manganocalcite under UV-light

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Guaranteed Quality


We are standing out from the Peruvian crowd through our quality. Our palm stones, worry stones and gratitude stones are perfectly shaped with a superior polish and scratch free.

Palm-Stone Materials

Top-Level Luxury Materials for Palmstones


Peruvian Pink Opal

Peruvian Quantum Cuatro

Canadian pinolite

High Quality Materials for Palmstones

Peruvian Tiger Aragonite


Green Jade (Nephrite)


Chocolate calcite

Red Aragonite


Peruvian Rosophia


Rhodonite with epidote

caramel calcite

Cherry Blossom Stone (Cinnabrite)





Coati Aragonite

Semper FI

Peruvian Black Jade

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