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Most gemstone shapes produced in Peru come from so called artisans. But, in fact, there is nothing romantic about the abusive reality of this production. Intermediate vendors are buying products for the lowest prices from poor people who work 12+ hours or more in their homes with primitive tools, putting them and their families at risk. They are not hired into stable work relations, they have no health insurance or security standards, they have no retirement schemes, no holidays and if they fall sick they simply don’t earn any money. When the buyers don’t need more products or if don’t accept the prices dictated by the buyers, they are out of work.

Our staff is hired with all the labor benefits required by law. We pay extra hours and provide our staff with all safety gear required. We work with modern and safe machines to ensure the safety of our employees. In other words: we provide the labor conditions that all of our clients would ask for themselves if they would have to do the job.

Artisan workers rarely use more than 1200 grit wheels. Our products are grinded up to 3000 grit. If required by our clients we can polish our pieces up to 50,000 grit.

On the other hand, the quality of the polish does not only depend on the technology used, but also on the effort invested. In order to get our signature polish we invest more time in the polishing process and perfecting our techniques. That is why our products have a glass like polished surface, making it possible to distinguish our quality from the rest, even from meters away.

In order to produce a high quality polish you need quality control before switching gear to the next higher grinding wheel. We check the surface of each product after each grinding and polishing step with a magnifying glass for remaining scratches or imperfections from the previous step. We only continue to the next step if not a single scratch was found.
Without this extra effort pieces usually drag scratches through the entire work process and end up with a shiny but scratched finish.

Artisan spheres and shapes are made by hand wich does not allow for a smooth and symetric finish. For example, it’s impossible to produce perfectly round spheres by hand. If you spin a sphere and it wobbles you’ll realize that this was produced under the working conditions mentioned above.

Our products are made with the support of a specialized machinery, helping us achieve perfectly round spheres and beautifully shaped hearts.

Gemstone items are commonly bought by the kilo. If you buy by the kilo, other producer may benefit in providing you with pieces as big as possible, because it’s much less work to produce a big heavy piece than a lot of small pieces. This causes a problem for the retail buyer, because he never knows beforehand how many pieces and of what size he will get from the supplier and, many times, he will get products that are too big to be sold fast. In the other hand, pricing a new lot of items is complicated if each one has a different size.

In Gemrock we are working in a completely different way, offering our shapes in standarized sizes. We calculate a few millimeters of size variation, but those differences are mostly not recognizable by the eye on a finished item. You can order with us either a certain number of pieces per size or a certain amount of kilos of a certain size. This means you will order exactly what you want and that’s what you will get. No more bad surprises and pricing problems. 

Thanks to our client oriented work and specialized techniques, we have managed to develop a system wich allows us to make the most out of your material. If you decide to send us your rough material for custom cutting you will get more pieces out of your rock than with any other shop in Peru.

We focus on making shapes that work to make material use and processing  efficient and with the least amount of waste possible.

Environmentally friendly mining and lapidary production.


Gemrock Peru is enganging in a permanent process of reducing its environmental footprint, by saving water and energy and protecting the environment.

Partner with us and offer your clients environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral crystal products:

Our Sustainability Report 2021

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