Cabochons & Jewelry

In 2021 Gemrock Peru launches its own excluive jewelry design lines, which will be marketed under the brand name “Aura” in Peru. On international level we are offering this jewelry to our commercial clients.  

Our jewelry is fabricated in cooperation with our partner business, a Peruvian silversmith. This way we can guarantee highest quality silver which is free of niquel, cadmium, lead or other substances that create allergies.

If you want to produce your own jewelry lines we are happy to produce them for you as service-production.

Bauhaus Style pendant made from Sterling silver and Pink Opal
Collection Orbita: silver ring with Pink Opal disk
Bauhaus Style pendant made from Sterling silver and Lapislazuli
Collection Orbita: silver ring with Chrysocolla disk
Bauhaus Style pendant made from Sterling silver and Pyrite Crystal

Cabochon bulk cutting and designer Cabs

One of our specialties is to produce high quality cabochons from Peruvian materials. We are also producing unique designer cabs from our own stones. Apart of that we offer service cutting for jewelers around the world.

Crystal powder

In 2021 Gemrock Peru will start selling high quality crystal powder for DIY jewelers, resin works, furniture designer and mosaic artists.  

Guaranteed Quality


We are standing out from the Peruvian crowd through our quality. Products are perfectly shaped with a great polish and scratch free.

Our Materials




Rhodonite with epidote


Peruvian Pink Aragonite (high grade)

Cherry Blossom Stone (Cinnabrite)

Peruvian Quantum Cuatro



Peruvian Black Jade

Green Jade (Nephrite)



Canadian pinolite

Coati Aragonite

Peruvian Pink Opal

Red Aragonite



Peruvian Rosophia



Peruvian black iris opal

Azurite "Ocean Blue"

Chrysocolla (var. "Mother Earth")

Chrysocolla (var. "Turquoise")

Epidote crystals & products

Tourmaline crystals & products

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