Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide discounts?

For bigger orders of jewelry or décor products from commercial clients discounts are provided when quoting the order.

Unique collectors’ pieces do not have discounts.

Please do not request additional discounts. We try our best to price the products fairly. Unlike other dealers, we do not add 20% to the asking price, so that we can give a discount to every commercial customer.

You may find other products cheaper somewhere else, however their quality may not compare to ours.

Why can’t I reach you by phone or email?

If we are not in when you call, please leave a message. If we are not immediately answering your emails, please have in mind that we are travelling a lot into the mining areas in Peru in order to buy materials or we may travel internationally to attend shows. We always try to have somebody in Lima attending email requests and phone calls. However sometimes that does not work, which means that it is possible that you may take a few days to reach us.

Why should I sign your newsletter?

If you submit your email address to the newsletter, you will be notified immediately when new types ofstones or new products are added to our site. You will be informed about the gem shows and fairs we are participating in and you will be notified of special offers. This means you get the jump on the casual visitor. Only those on the email list get the opportunity to see the products first and that may be the difference between getting the product or crystal specimen you want or losing out to another customer.

Do packages ever get lost?

Yes. While in previous years doing business we never had the case of lost packages, this year we did have one case of a package going lost for a number of days just to be found by the shipping service in a storrage in another country and being deliverd finally to the adress of the customer. Insuring the contents guarantees that you are compensated if you unfortunately have your order lost during delivery.

However we do note that as a consecuence of the COVID pandemic the service of many shipping agents has become very unreliable. In 2020 we had several  problems with the shipping companies not complying with the shipping time. Shippments, especially when being shipped via the USA, can take very long. Sadly this is entirely out of our influence. 

Do you recommend insuring my order when shipping

Most definitely we do recommend insuring your products. Although in all these years we had only one case where products from a customer got damaged by some custom officials, you dont want to be the second case.

When shipping through us with DHL, you have the option to insure your value.

The cost of this insurance is a flat rate of 13.5 USD + tax for all shipemts with a value of up to 1350 USD.

For shipments with higher value DHL charges 1% of the product value +tax.

Note: if your products are not insured and get lost or damaged DHL only covers 25 USD per kilo and a maximum total of 100 USD.


Who pays for shipping?

Shipping is paid for by the customer.

1.) You can contract shipping with your own agent. In this case we organise the pick-up with your shipping agent and our involvement ends with that.

2.) You can organize your shipping with our help. In this case please carefully read the following:

2. A) For packages up to 50 kg we can help you organizing the shipping through our DHL business account, which so far has proven to be the cheapest shipping option available in Peru (cheaper than FEDEX, UPS and Peruvian SERPOST). In this case we are offering you to provide a preliminary quote for shipping based on a weight and value estimate of your order, before you place your order (to give you an idea about shipping costs), as well as providing you with a final shipping quote from DHL once your product was packed and before you pay the total of product value + shipping and bank fees.

We organize the pick-up and provide you with the DHL tracking number.

In case there are any problems with your shipment we will assit to help resolving those problems (eventhough we are not assuming any legal responsability for what happens to your product after it was picked up by the shipping agent).

Please note that during the time of the pandemic DHL only provides express door to door shipping. All economy shipping services were cancelled.

2. B) In case of bigger shipments we can provide a quote from a reliable shipping agent we are working with.

Our staff will personally take part in the shipping logistics at the airport or port in order to make sure your shipment gets on the way woithout any problems.

3.) All of our services in organizing the shipping logistics are free of charge for you.

If you want to avoid shipping charges you may arrange to pick up the product at our production plant in Lima.

Who pays the bank fees?

The customer pays bank and money transfer fees. In order to help you keeping such fees low we are also offering several payment options.

For more details, please see: Payment options.

I do not see what I am looking for, do you have other products available?

We are continuously producing new products.

We find it impossible to keep this website updatet inmediately and all the time. So there are always some products in stock that you cant yet find on the website.

If you are looking for something special that you cant find on this website, please contact us. We are happy to help you if you tell us what you are looking for.

We may have it in stock.

And if not we most likely will be able to custom produce it for you on demand.

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