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Stefan Austermühle, General Manager of Gemrock Peru                                        June 2021


Sometimes a new client, who did not yet have a chance to hold our spheres in his own hand, tells us that he would prefer to meet us at a gemshow in order be able to see the quality of our products first hand.

Visiting gem shows in times of seemingly never ending virus-pandemics is however not a likely thing to happen. At the same time online-sales of crystal products are exploding and more and more people need to judge quality from a picure.

When it comes to polish-quality, recognizing quality and distinguishing it from bad quality just by looking at a picture is, however, surprisingly easy.

You actually have to focus on just one criteria.

What we explain in this post with spheres can be likewise applied to hearts, eggs or any other crystal object.

Here is the easy tip:

The better the polish the less diffuse are the light reflection of lamps on the sphere-surface.

Or say it the other way round:

The better the polish the sharper the borders of the light reflection.


The better the polish the more details of the photographers environment are reflected like in a mirror on the surface or the sphere: the photographers camera, hands and even face, windows, furniture or any other objects close to the sphere.

In the following we have prepared some comparitive examples. On the left side you will see examples for badly polished spheres that we have copied from the internet. On the right side you will see a typical Gemrock sphere with a high quality polish.

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Gemrocks´ Startup Support

Starting a crystalshop (online or physical) is not easy – we know. But we believe in you and we have your back, because your success is ours.

We support startup companies with lower shipping prices. You can order without minimum amounts. We offer dropshipping and “Buy now, Pay later” agreements, as well as intensive business coaching. 

Just one word of caution before you start:

Not all types of stone do polish the same. Porous stones for example, generally spoken, cant be polished very well. One example is Peruvian Black Jade. Even if we have learned the trick and our black jade spheres are probably the best polished ones in the market, a black jade spheres´ polish will never get to the incredible polish of a Red Aragonite sphere, a Huanucite Sphere or a Caramel Calcite sphere.

Badly polished Angelite Sphere




Badly polished Leopardite Sphere

Badly polished Aragonite Sphere

Quality-polished Angelite Sphere from Gemrock.

Additional Comment: The stronger blue in our sphere is NOT a result of photoshopping it. We actually do have a method of polishing that makes the natural color of many stones pop up a bit more.


Quality-polished Leopardite Sphere from Gemrock.

Quality-polished Aragonite Sphere from Gemrock.

Ethical Crystal Sourcing

The Sky is the Limit!

We believe in global cooperation of like-minded companies and investors in order to earn money while changing the world for better.

Partner with us in this tide-changing spearheading initiative and provide your clients with 100 % traceable really ethical crystal products while protecting the environment, supporting fair trade and ethical labour conditions as well as fighting child labour.

And while making the world a better place, you will also make profits from on the project, have access to exclusive investor discounts and enjoy a free global marketing campaign resulting in an improved image of your bussiness and more clients.

Get a unique edge over your competitors.

Badly polished Chrysocolla Sphere

Terribly bad polished Pyrite Sphere

Quality-polished Chrysocolla Sphere from Gemrock.

Quality-polished Pyrite heart from Gemrock.

Good quality polish in Pyrite produces a mirror-like metallic surface. 

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