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We are standing out from the Peruvian crowd through our quality. All our products are well shaped with a great polish. We provide a “no-scratch” guarantee. 

Additionally, you can put your mind at rest. Our products are ethically mined or sourced, ethically produced, and environmentally friendly.

Classic Shapes

Red River Sunset Sphere


Huanucite Sphere

Sphere and Egg Stands

Leopardite Egg


Red River Sunset Heart


Huanucite Sphere


Huanucite Sphere

Free Forms

Huanucite Sphere


Huanucite Sphere

Tumbled Stones

Energy Products

Huanucite Sphere


Huanucite Sphere

Towers (Obelisks)

Huanucite Sphere


Serpentinite Wand

Wands (Massage Sticks)

incense Peruvian Tiger Aragonite crystal stand

Incense Stands

chrysocolla worry stone

Worry Stones (Thumb Stones)

Quantum Cuatro Gratitude Stone

Gratitude Stones

Chrysocolla egg

Yoni Eggs

Carved Animals

Huanucite Sphere


Bear 3 carved in soapstone e t

Soap Stone Animals

Functional Decor

Cherry blossom stone cinnabrite Candle Holder

Candle Holders

Huanucite Sphere

Flower Crystals

(also candle holders)

Half Rough Peruvian Tiger Aragonite Oil lamp

Oil Lamps

Peruvian Tiger Aragonite napkin rings

Napkin Rings


drop shaped Master Cabochon made from peruvian green jade

Cabochon Cutting service

Huanucite Sphere


Huanucite Sphere

Engraved Cabochons

Donuts with silver hanger


Sterling silver moon pendant with crushed pyrite crystals

Pyrite Jewelry

Huanucite Sphere

Heart Pendants

Huanucite Sphere

Tumbled Stone Pendants

Huanucite Sphere

Crystal Bottles

Collection Orbita: silver ring with Chrysocolla disk

Orbita Rings

Huanucite Sphere

Orbita Earrings (Model 1)

Huanucite Sphere

Orbita Earrings (Model 2)

Huanucite Sphere

Heart Earrings

Mixed Categories

Huanucite Sphere

Halloween Collection

Huanucite Sphere

Rough Rock & Bulk Crystals


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