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Stefan Austermühle,

General Manager of Gemrock Peru 

I need to be clear straight from the start of this blog article. I am terribly picky about quality in hearts. Correctly done its just such a beautiful shape. And if one knows what’s possible it just pains the heart to see all these crappy and badly done so-called crystal hearts around.

This may sound arrogant, I understand. But bare with me for a second and read through this blog. I believe that you will come to the same conclusion like me: a lot of what’s out there for sale doesn´t actually deserve to be called a heart. And it could be so much better.

Let’s have a look at what I don’t like in a crystal heart:


Stefan Austermühle, Gemrock Peru

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Palm stones with a dent?

This kind of shapes I can see more and more often in the online sales. To me this is anything but a heart. Maybe “Triangle” would be the best name to call it. But it could also be a palmstone with a dent in it, who knows?

Apart of not having a heart shape at all, additionally its just too flat, which is why I do insist: its a palm stone.

Distorted triangles

One should never say “It cant get worse”, because it can. This is a real triangle now, a distorted one on top of it. 

Triangle Micro-dents on top

Clearly shows that this manufacturer did not bother about buying the right tools. He just grinded a triangular top dent into the heart using a wheel. To me that looks better than the previous examples, but cant qualify for good quality.

The Arrow-style heart

We start getting to a design that actually looks like a heart. But for my taste the shape is too straight towards the tip. Remembers me to an arrow point rather than a heart (but I said previously, I am just too picky)

If it wasn´t for the scratch….

This is actually looking like a heart. They made a nice upper cut and tried to make the upper curves round and smooth. The reason why we only find a few of these type of hearts in the market is, that its not that easy to make such a nice round upper cut with a straight diamond wheel. If you dont really know how to do it right it comes to what we see in this heart: the area of the upper cut gets all scratched.  So, yes – nice try.

OK, OK, I will stop it here. Too much complaining. I agree.

And I can hear you thinking: “Come on, so what is a quality heart?”

Here is what we at Gemrock feel a heart should look like:

Canadian pinolite heart with perfect shape and superior polish

Gemrock hearts aim for the perfect shape.

The right ratio of dimensions. For example: 60 mm wide X 60 mm long x 30 mm thick

A slightly curved line towards the tip of the heart.

A beautiful round upper cut (yes, we have a special tool for that)

The two upper rounds should be even and perfectly round ( like the ears of Micky Mouse)

The overall shape should not be flat, but also not bulky, but a rather even roundness.

And of course: NO SCRATCHES and a perfect polish

beautifull Pink opal heart with perfect shape and superior polish
beautifull Pink opal heart with perfect shape and superior polish
beautifull Pink opal heart with perfect shape and superior polish
Canadian pinolite heart with perfect shape and superior polish

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