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Manganocalcite from Peru is in high demand because of its beautiful rose-color and excellent fluorescence. 


New Mining Operation

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Manganocalcite sphere
Manganocalcite sphere

Manganocalcite from Peru is in high demand because of its beautiful rose color and excellent fluorescence. 

Calcite is calcium carbonate, and comes in a wide range of colors and types. It is most easily recognized for its low hardness compared to other minerals.

Manganoan calcite or manganocalcite is a variety of calcite rich in manganese, which gives the mineral a pink color. Its chemical formula is (Ca,Mn)CO3. 

The Problem: A fully exploited mine.

So far, there has been only one mine for manganocalcite in Peru. The manganocalcite vein was very thin (max 6 cm thick) and did only allow for small spheres and other objects.

Over the last couple of years, we noted the quality of the material getting worse and worse. It showed less fluorescence, more white chalky contents, holes, and black impurities as well as less good color. At the same time, the provider did increase prices constantly. All this is a clear sign of a mineral vein being fully exploited and disappearing.

The Good News:

Exclusive Access to  top-quality material from a new mining operation

Now we have good news. We found a new vein of manganocalcite and we will have now exclusive access to new top-quality material with super fluorescence, great banded color, without chalky parts or black impurities, and no porous material full of holes.

And the best of all. The material comes in huge chunks. For the first time ever you will be able to order big towers, spheres, and other decor objects made in manganocalcite.

fluorescent manganocalcite under UV-light
fluorescent manganocalcite under UV-light

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