Our Gemstone Jewelry Designs

Bauhaus Style pendant made from Sterling silver and Pink Opal

Gemstones, what else??

Actually, there is no need to say it: Gemrock Peru is all about jewelry that features gemstones.

Our minerals and gemstones are always the dominant element in our jewelry. Our own designs do put the stone in the center of attention.

The number of designs we offer will grow constantly, so its a good idea to come back periodically and get inspired.

Gemstone earring featuring 22 mm diameter gemstone discs on sterling silver chain. Sterling silver hook with inverted drop-shaped theme.

Bauhaus Style pendant made from Sterling silver and Pyrite Crystal

Gemstone earring featuring 22 mm diameter gemstone discs on sterling silver chain. Sterling silver hook with flower theme.

Collection Orbita: silver ring with Serpentinite disk

Gemstone earring featuring 22 mm diameter gemstone discs on sterling silver chain. Sterling silver hook with leaf theme.

Gemstone earring featuring 22 mm diameter gemstone discs on sterling silver chain. Sterling silver hook with triple silver pearls theme.

Bauhaus Style pendant made from Sterling silver and Pyrite Crystal

Gemstone earring featuring 22 mm diameter gemstone discs on hand-hammered sterling silver pin.

Collection Orbita: silver ring with Serpentinite disk

Gemstone-filled tiny glass bottle pendants with sterling silver accessories.

Collection Orbita: silver ring with Serpentinite disk

Sterling silver ring featuring 22 mm diameter gemstone disc with a central Swarovski stone.

Sterling silver ring with Pyrite crystal

Sterling silver ring with a promient pyrite crystal cluster

Pyrite sticker earring

Sterling silver pins with pyrite crystal.

Collection Orbita: silver ring with Serpentinite disk

Pyrite crystal cluster heart pendant with sterling silver finding.

Sterling silver ring with Pyrite crystal

Pyrite heart pendant with sterling silver finding. Featuring the naturally structured surface of a single big pyrite crystal

Pyrite sticker earring

Thre-dimensionally shaped gemstone heart pendant with sterling silver finding

Collection Orbita: silver ring with Serpentinite disk

Tumbled gemstone stone pendant with leaf-shaped sterling silver finding

Sterling silver ring with Pyrite crystal

Sterling silver moon pendant with pyrite crystal grains.

Pyrite sticker earring

Sterling silver earrings with pyrite crystal grains.

Bauhaus Style pendant made from Sterling silver and Lapislazuli

Geometric Bauhaus-style sterling silver pendant with gemstone. 

A word about silver:


Studies in Europe and the United States have shown that so called sterling silver manufactured in China and India (and probably elsewhere) in most cases contains toxic metals like cadmium, lead and niquel, that have been mixed into the silver in order to save money. In some cases investigators have found up to 44% of cadmium content in silver jewelry from India.

This silver from India and China may be cheap, but it puts the health of your customers at risk.

Also: The famous 925 stamp on the sterling silver jewelry is of no use at all. These stamps are put on the jewelry by the producer itself. There are no governmental or independent entities supervising or controling the use of this stamp. In most countries there are not even regulations concerning the contents of toxic metals in jewelry.

We at Gemrock Peru have joined ranks with a new jewelry company and do produce our own sterling silver from pure silver. Our sterling silver is real sterling silver (92.5 % silver and 7.5% copper), no matter if stamped or not. Our sterling silver is free of any tocix metals.

How can you be sure?

We can teach you how to perform an acid test on our batches that will not damage the jewelry but proof that our silver is real and good.

Improved shine and anti-tarnish:

Whenever the jewel design allows for it, our sterling silver gets an electrolytic bath in fine silver (99.99 % pure silver) and in anti-tarnish. This way we can give you a 9 months guarantee that our silver will not tarnish. If you store and treat our silver jewelry the way we will recommend in the care instructions that come with your order, you can massively prolong the time of our anti-tarnishing guarantee.

Is there anything you wish to know about:

Shipping cost and logistics, Payment options, Product quality, Packaging, Shipping damage, Refunds, etc. ?

Partner with us and offer your clients environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral crystal products:

Our Sustainability Report 2021

Know more about what we achieved, what we struggle with and how you can help:

Guaranteed Quality

Our cabochons do stand out from the Peruvian crowd through their quality: Evenness of shape, scratch free and best polish for a reasonable price.

We love startups...


...because it were startups like yours that helped us to survive the pandemic lockdowns when all our old clients disappeared.

Since then we have learned a lot about how to attend you best.

And now has come...

...the time to give back!


Let us help you out! Let us help you grow!



Because your success is ours!

What we already do to support you:


No minimum order amounts. We do appreciate any order, small or big. Once you are registered as a commercial client we will serve you even with the smallest order, because we know that startups do lack capital and each order is an experiment and risk you take. So take your time and grow from order to order.

Special discounts on shipping. International shipping is very expensive and the price per kilo is highest when orders are small. Therefore we did negotiate a super special discount for our small clients with our shipping agent DHL. We are now allowed to apply e-commerce rates to small commercial clients for packages of up to 10 kilos in total weight. This will save you up to 9.- USD per kilo. AND... insurance of your package is already included.

Individualized sales support. We are already taking a lot of time to talk to our small clients on WhatsApp or by email, answer their questions, and teach them all we know and they need to know. We are also now producing tutorial videos about crystals and other important topics of interest for startup companies.

...and now it gets even better!

The ultimate crystal shop business coaching.


Learn EVERYTHING we know in personalized business coaching sessions with our general manager, Stefan Austermühle.

Stefan Austermühle is not only the general manager of Gemrock Peru with many years of experience in the crystal industry. He is also a certified life coach. He now offers you a  unique business coaching program built to resolve your personal needs.

Your first session is free and only for your information. In this first video call session you will explain what are your needs and we will develop a personalized business coaching program to help you overcome the barriers to success. By the end of the first session, you are free to decide, if you want to take the coaching program or not.



What about pricing


1.) Finance is what start-up companies lack most. So why spend a few resources on a coaching program?

When learning from experienced business owners in the crystal industry and having personal mentors you can avoid many mistakes that would cost you far more money (in terms of unnecessary losses and inefficient business practice) than the payment for a business coach.

2.) Our business coaching aims to INCREASE your sales without spending unnecessary money by optimizing your business and customer approach.

3.) Our interest is not to make money off you as a business coach but to help you to become a successful business owner and possible future wholesale client of Gemrock Peru. Your success is our success. This is why we will develop TOGETHER a personalized coaching program that fits your budget.

4.) Additionally we are going to offer you big discounts on your coaching program if you are a client of Gemrock Peru.


Here is a selection of  possible topics we can help you with:


What is holding you back?

Are you procrastinating?
Are you waiting to be perfect?
Don´t know where to start?
Fear of failure?
Are you overwhelmed?
Is your social environment unsupportive?

Let us help you with this and other personal barriers

 The global crystal business

1.) The players: miners, lapidary workshops, wholesalers, retailers

2.) The markets: mineral collectors, home decor, crystal jewelry, spiritual development, and energy therapies, ...

3.) What is a crystal (and what not)

4.) Ethical mining of crystals

5.) Ethical sourcing of crystals

Things you need to know for international crystal sourcing

1.) International shipping costs and logistics

2.) International payment systems and associated costs

3.) How to optimize your crystal wholesale order

Product pricing and sales strategies

1.) How to price your products

2.) Discounts: Yes or No, how and when?

Sales Psychology

1.) How to write content that sells

2.) How to talk to your customer and close a deal.

3.) How to build personal customer relations.

4.) How to deal with angry customers 

Sales channels and marketing: gem shows, physical stores, email marketing, websites, Etsy shops, and social networks.

1.) How to build a successful website

2.) Email marketing

3.) Etsy shops

4.) Marketing on Pinterest

5.) Marketing on Twitter

6.) Marketing on Instagram

7.) Marketing on YouTube

8..) Marketing on Facebook

9.) Marketing on TikTok



Write us, to arrange a coaching appointment

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We are now offering you dropshipping agreements tailored to your needs. You can choose or combine the following segments into a package that suits your business:

Buy your crystals but leave them stored with us. (We produce the pictures for your marketing) When your client did pay his order we ship directly to your client (you save storage costs, logistics, and national shipping costs)

Don't even buy your crystals. Sell products that we have in storage (we provide you with pictures). Once you have been paid by your client, you pay us and we ship.

If you want, we can ship your package! Send us your package specs and design. If you don´t have one yet our designer can service you to develop one. We produce your packages in Peru (most likely we can produce cheaper than you in your country). We store your packages and use them for your sales.



We are offering you BNPL agreements. Such agreements on the international level are of course purely trust-based. So we are going to start slow. Let's say, in a first trial, you pay only 90 % of the product price immediately. By paying the remaining 10 % in the agreed interest-free credit period you are building trust. As your orders grow and progress we are willing to provide up to 50% credit.

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