Looking-Glass Crystals

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Looking-Glass Crystals are glass clear quartz crystal points, that are covered with a mixed layer of oxide, malachite, botryoidal chrysocolla crystals, and other minerals.  Some of the crystal faces have been polished. This allows the viewer to look inside the crystal and through the crystal. It exposes the magnificent patterns internal cracks cause within the crystal and it makes it possible to view the colorful outer layer of minerals from the inside out. Looking-Glass Crystals, therefore, are specimens to look at, discover the unseen and meditate about the world’s beauty. 

Looking-Glass Crystals are NOT “Garden Quartz”. They do not have inclusions. The colors one can see are originating from the outer layer of minerals on the opposite side of the crystals. Looking-Glass Crystals also are NOT from Brazil. They can only be found in one location in Peru. 

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