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About Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is one of the Peruvian flagship minerals for jewelry and decor-products. It is a minor ore of copper that forms in the superficial oxidation zones of copper ore bodies and is mined in the Peruvian desert and on the western slopes of the Andes where artisan miners search for the greenish coloration in the desert sand indicating the presence of chrysocolla. By then digging into the depth and following the chrysocolla veins miners might then eventually find copper bodies.
There is however a number of miners being specialized on chrysocolla mining itself.

Chrysocolla crystals

Chrysocolla forms botryoidal crystals.

Tentadora Mine in Peru is famous for its quartz crystals that are overgrown with layers of botryoidal chrysocolla and malachite crystals.

Tentadora mine crystals are part of our permanent stock. We are sourcing them on a regular basis.

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