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Sodalite is a rich royal blue tectosilicate mineral widely used as an ornamental gemstone.

Although somewhat similar to lazurite and lapis lazuli, sodalite rarely contains pyrite (a common inclusion in lapis) and its blue color is more like traditional royal blue rather than ultramarine. It is further distinguished from similar minerals by its white (rather than blue) streak.

Sodalite is fluorescent, but this fact has not been published in the past. In 2017 the so-called Yooperlite® pebbles were found at Lake Superior by Erik Rintamaki and quickly turned fluorescent stones to be the ultimate trend. For quite a while nobody knew what makes the Yooperlite® rocks glow. Now we know they are actually syenite rocks that are rich in fluorescent sodalite. 

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Shapes made with Sodalite

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