Pyramids & Obelisks

We are offering a wide range of pyramids and obelisks in different sizes and made from many materials.

Highlights are the multi colored pyramids, made with layers from different minerals and gemstones.

Available Sizes


Mini-Pyramid: 32 X 32 X 34 mm

(in multilayered pyramids: 48 X 48 X 48 mm)

Small Pyramid: 58 X 58 X60 mm

Medium Pyramid: 80 X 80 X 85 mm

BigĀ  Pyramid: 100 X 100 X 120 mm

Huge Pyramid: 120 X 120 X 140 mm



Mini-Obelisk: 40 X 16 X 16 mm

Small Obelisk: 55 X 20 X 20 mm

Medium Obelisk: 70 X 23 X 23 mm

BigĀ  Pyramid: 90 X 26 X 26 mm


Supersized required?


If you need any other size, we are happy to make it as long as we find a rock big enough.

Guaranteed Quality


We are standing out from the Peruvian crowd through our quality. Our pyramids and obelisks are well shaped with a great polish. We are especially proud of our multilayered pyramids with seven different minerals.

Quantum cuattro pyramid
Peruvian Rosophia Pyramid
Green jade Pyramid
Quantum Cuattro obelisc towers
Cherry Blossom pyramid (cinnabrite)
Pink Opal obeliscs
Angelite Pyramid
Quantum Cuattro obelisc towers
Canadian Pinolite pyramid
Peruvian Rosophia Pyramid
Canadian Pinolite pyramid
Angelite Pyramid
Pink Opal obeliscs

Pyramids & Obelisks Materials




Rhodonite with epidote


Peruvian Pink Aragonite (high grade)

Cherry Blossom Stone (Cinnabrite)

Peruvian Quantum Cuatro



Peruvian Black Jade

Green Jade (Nephrite)



Canadian pinolite

Coati Aragonite

Peruvian Pink Opal

Red Aragonite



Peruvian Rosophia

Chrysocolla (var. "Mother Earth")

Chrysocolla (var. "Turquoise")

Epidote crystals & products

Tourmaline crystals & products

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