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About Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is one of the Peruvian flagship minerals for jewelry and decor products. It is a minor ore of copper that forms in the superficial oxidation zones of copper ore bodies and is mined in the Peruvian desert and on the western slopes of the Andes where artisan miners search for the greenish coloration in the desert sand indicating the presence of chrysocolla. By then digging into the depth and following the chrysocolla veins miners might then eventually find copper bodies. There is, however, a number of miners being specialized on chrysocolla mining itself.

Chrysocolla itself has a cyan (blue-green) color. The interesting fact however is, that chrysocolla veins are in fact never pure chrysocolla but rather consist of a mixture of this mineral with a number of others. We find it mixed mostly with:

  • Cuprite – an oxide mineral composed of copper oxide Cu2O, and is a minor ore of copper. It is dark red to cochineal red, sometimes almost black.
  • Malachite – a green copper carbonate hydroxide mineral.
  • Tenorite – dull grey-black.
  • Quartz – The white milk quartz or milky quartz is the most common variety of crystalline quartz.
  • Lemonite – yellow
  • Azurite – a soft, deep-blue copper mineral

Even if a material is called “Chrysocolla”, most likely the real Chrysocolla mineral itself only makes up for a small percentage within the mix of minerals.

Generally spoken: The higher the concentration of real Chrysocolla in the mixed vein (means the more uniform cyan its color) the more costly is the rough rock. Pure cyan-coloured chrysocolla pieces are generally used for jewelry only because they are small and very expensive.

Also, the more chrysocolla is in the mix, the harder it is to cut as the chrysocolla itself is very soft and easily breaks and chips.

Important Notice:

Currently, Peru is in a Chrysocolla Crisis. Because of the war in Ukraine and other global effects, the copper price has risen so sharply that miners do not any longer extract chrysocolla. Actually, they rather prefer to grind chrysocolla and sell it for copper extraction. This results in Chrysocolla having become very hard and expensive to source. Gemrocks reserves of Chrysocolla in stock are nearly depleted and we currently only have rough rock for small products. We recommend buying  peruvian Quantum Cuatro as an alternative to chrysocolla. 

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    Gemrock Peru permanently acquires different variations of chrysocolla from different veins. We also will provide you with in-depth advice on each mineral combination and for what kind of product it can be used best.

    Folowing are some chrysocolla types we are having on stock:

    Chrysocolla crystals


    Chrysocolla forms botryoidal crystals. We are providing Chrysocolla crystals in specimen flats and as crystal surfaces for gem cutters.

    A famous variety are the Quartz Crystals from Tentadora Mine, which are overgrown with Malachite and Chrysocolla crystals.

    Classic Chrysocolla

    This is the classic mix of chrysocolla, malachite, tenorite, and a little cuprite, that was mined for many years in the Peruvian desert near Nazca city. It is well known and many clients wish to acquire it. However, sadly there are not many mines anymore producing this material as most of them have reached the copper layer. The small amounts of this chrysocolla type, that are available, have become so expensive that the material can not be used for spheres or other products anymore and still deliver a commercially viable product.

    We are still stocking some 50 kilos for our own jewelry production and are able to sell high-quality rough and slabs to gem cutters. We also can still produce cabochons and worry stones from this stock.

    Collection Orbita: silver ring with Chrysocolla disk
    Master Cabochon made from chrysocolla 2
    Master Cabochon made from chrysocolla 3
    chrysocolla worry stone
    Master Cabochon made from chrysocolla 2
    Master Cabochon made from chrysocolla 3
    Master Cabochon made from chrysocolla 3
    Master Cabochon made from chrysocolla 3
    Master Cabochon made from chrysocolla 2
    chrysocolla worry stone

    Chrysocolla type: Water & Wine®

    This amazing mix with a very blue chrysocolla and a wine-red matrix is the new chrysocolla which still does exist in considerable amounts and can be acquired for a reasonable price as rough material in order to be used for bigger decor pieces like spheres, hearts, and other objects.

    We are currently only offering small objects like worry stones, cabochons, or our own jewelry made from this chrysocolla type.

    Master Cabochon made from chrysocolla 3
    Master Cabochon made from chrysocolla 3
    Chrysocolla egg
    Chrysocolla free forms

    Chrysocolla type: Turquoise

    Due to the mixture with lime, this chrysocolla type looks very similar to turquoise. However, the high content of lime makes this type of chrysocolla nearly impossible to polish.

    We at Gemrock Peru only work with high-quality materials. From a total of 8 tons of this material, we hand selected 100 kilos of consistent and polishable material and rejected the rest. From this amount, we have only a few kilos left and therefore offer this material only for cabochons or jewelry.

    Master Cabochon made from turquoise chrysocolla
    Master Cabochon made from chrysocolla 3
    Chrysocolla free forms
    Chrysocolla egg

    Chrysocolla type: Mother Earth®


    This is a type of boulder chrysocolla consisting of fine and pure chrysocolla veins in brown rock material featuring a birds-view over a brown-green landscape with blue lakes and rivers. An amazing material for cabs and jewelry. We are left with just a few kilos of this material in our stock and therefore currently offer this material only for cabochons or in jewelry.

    Master Cabochon made from chrysocolla mother earth
    Master Cabochon made from chrysocolla 4
    Chrysocolla egg
    Master Cabochon made from turquoise chrysocolla
    Chrysocolla free forms
    Master Cabochon made from turquoise chrysocolla
    Chrysocolla free forms
    Chrysocolla egg

    Peruvian Cuantum Cuatro

    This is quartz mixed with chrysocolla and malachite. This vein was recently discovered in 2018 and still has a reasonable reserve to be exploited and replace classic Chrysocolla. There are big enough pieces available for any type of product.

    However rough rock clients may be advised that this material is very difficult to cut, has a relatively high rate of breakage, and requires some stabilization.

    We at Gemrock Peru have learned to master this material and are happy to offer you finished products. In order to learn more, click here:

    Quantum Cuattro obelisc towers
    Quantum cuattro pyramid
    Quantum Cuattro free forms
    quantum cuattro egg

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