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Cherry Blossom Stone

(Wrongly sold as “Cinnabrite”)

About Cherry Blossom Stone

Cherry Blossom Stone® consists of a white to yellowish mixture of the minerals Meionite and Wairakite with small patches of pink Thulite, featuring the coloration of cherry blossoms. A beautiful rock for deco-pieces.

On the internet, it is widely known and sold as “Cinnabrite”. However, “cinnabrite” is a fantasy name. It may have been derived from the scientific name “Cinnabarite” referring to pinkish-red cinnabar. Some people think that cherry blossom stone is composed of cinnabar and quartz, but that is incorrect.

In fact, the name Cinnabrite should be avoided, as it leads to the wrong perception of the stone containing the toxic Cinnabar.

Another misconception is that “Cinnabrite” would contain “pink epidote”. However, real Epidote does not occur in pink, but rather in shades of green. While it is correct that Epidote and Thulite do have a very similar chemical composition, it is not Epidote. Thulite is Clinozoisite.

Gemrock Peru has been educating the public for a long time about the fact that “Cinnabar” is widely mislabeled, due to a lack of scientific thoroughness by many crystalshops, spreading wrong information without fact-checking. This goes so far as to attribute the terms “dragon blood” and “merchant stone” to this stone. Given the fact that those are historical terms related to the toxic Cinnabar which is not contained in this stone, those references should not be made.

To finally put an end to this false labelling a chemical analysis was made with a recognized laboratory. The results are clear:

1. The Peruvian Cherry Blossom Stone resembles in its appearance a Namibian stone called “cherry Blossom”, which also contains Thulite.

2. There is no “pink” Epidote and no Cinnabar in this stone.

3. The pink dots are in fact “Thulite” (Clinozoisite)

4. It is the first time that Thulite was reported for Peru.

5. Part of the white matrix consists of Meionite, which is part of the scapolite group of minerals (marialite-meionite series).

6. The second part of the white matrix is Wairakite, a mineral from the zeolite group (analciem-wairakite series)

incense cherry blossom crystal stand
Cherry Blossom pyramid (cinnabrite)
Cherry blossom stone cinnabrite Candle Holder
Cherry blossom stone cinnabrite Candle Holder
Cherry blossom stone cinnabrite Candle Holder
Cherry Blossom flower crystal vase (cinnabrite)
Cherry Blossom flower crystal vase (cinnabrite)
cherry blossom crescent moons (cinnabrite)
Cherry blossom stone cinnabrite Candle Holder
Cherry blossom stone cinnabrite Candle Holder

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