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Ethically sourced materials

We are making sure that our materials do not come from illegal mining operations by requiring legal invoices from our providers and rejecting cash payments.

Therefore we have a paper trail for all our rough rock. 

Ethical Lapidary Production

All our products are produced in-house in our own lapidary workshop. Our carvers are hired under legal work contracts and do obtain all legal labor benefits. 

For carved animals, we work with known carvers and require legal invoices as well as rejecting cash payments.

This way we can make sure that your products have not been produce in shadow businesses under abusive labor conditions. 

Top Quality

We are striving for our products to always stand out from the crowd by:


  • providing exclusive designs,
  • producing standardized sizes,
  • elaborating top-quality shapes and
  • having the best polish possible.

Carved Animals & Other

Functional Decor

Classic Shapes

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