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Our Cabochon Custom Cutting Services

Do you have rough rock and slabs and don´t know where to have them cut?

You are lucky!

We offer you custom cutting services for jewelry for your materials. Get a personalized service for your materials including expert design  advice and custom cuttting at the highest possible quality standards.

Our Cabochons

Our cabochons and designer cabs are cut in-house by our own trained expert cabochon cutters and are of top cutting and polishing quality.

All materials are ethically sourced and our cutters are hired under real labor contracts with all labor benefits required by the law.  

Our Silver and Gold

Our silver, gold-plated silver, and gold jewelry is 100% free of toxic materials like cadmium, nickel, or lead. We can guarantee this because we produce all our jewelry in-house with our associated silver and gold smithing company.

Our silver and gold comes from legal and ethical mining sources. 

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