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When it comes to buying crystal specimens, speed is of the essence.

Mother Nature does not reproduce the same type of crystals over and over again. Every crystal find is a unique event. In most cases, it’s impossible to obtain the same type of crystals ever again.

Therefore, buying crystal specimens is always about being the first to know.

Do you want to be the first one

to have EXCLUSIVE, QUICK and EASY access

to new crystal specimens?

Quartz Crystals and combinations of quartz with other minerals offered by Gemrock Peru in flats


then Crystal Wholesale Alerts are made for your business:


  • Stay up-to-date on what’s in stock.
  • Be the first to know
  • Be a nose-length ahead of other possible buyers.
  • Secure the best specimen for your business.
  • Take part in crystal-pre-sales*.

What is a Crystal-Pre-Sale: Sometimes the crystal lots we get offered are very big and/or very expensive. In such cases, we are spreading the news to trusted clients, offering them an attractive discount and first choice, if they help us acquiring the crystals with an upfront payment. In scuh cases you can be sure to get the best crystals of a lot for the most competitve price.

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