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Pink Opal for Jewelry

High-quality Pink Opal is in high demand for jewelry. We at Gemrock Peru sell rough materials and high-quality cabochons. We wholesale our own jewelry models and are offering you to custom-produce your jewelry designs. 

First of all Peruvian Pink Opal is very rare and can only be found in a small coastal desert area between the cities Pisco and Ica.

American and Australian pink opals get their color from the presence of manganese. Pink Opal from Peru, however, gets its color from inclusions of the silicate mineral palygorskite as well as some organic compounds, called “quinones”, often found in plants and that enter the stone during formation.

Pink Opal veins are very small and range in thickness between half a cm to a maximum of 5 cm. Sometimes there are bubbles that may reach 30 cm of thickness but that’s extremely rare.

In general terms, we can say that the thin opal veins show a more uniform coloration and a deeper rose or pink color. The thicker the vein becomes, the more other colors are mixed in, and the more color layers the material does show. Now coloration may range in shades from pastel pink to bubblegum pink. Also, other colors are frequently displayed in color zones or stripes. The colors you will typically see appear are white, black, peach, and sometimes yellow. Similarly, some pink opals can take on a lavender hue.

Pink Opal is one of those stones, where personal taste makes the price and where prices go crisscross because of different color tastes. Some argue that mixed colors are the lowest grade material and that the quality grade of the material does increase with the saturation and intensity of the pink color, as well as with the level to which the color becomes uniform.

Even if that sounds like a logical approach, sadly it is not true. In fact, the most intense dark rose-colored uniform color IS NOT the most valuable one to many people. It’s in fact much cheaper than the so-called “Piel de Angel” (Angels’ skin) color which is a much softer rose color, similar to a strongly colored rose quartz.

The same is true for the criteria of variation in colors. There is a kind of Pink Opal that comes as a thicker vein and shows a lot of small layers of all kinds of color shades. To many people, this material looks much more attractive than a uniform-colored pink opal and it´s in high demand. Sadly this material has become very rare, so the price for this material is rising.

Finally, the really white and pale Pink Opal as well as the lavender colored one, often show the irregular appearance of dendritic brown or black inclusions. According to some, this material would not be worth a lot. However, it is a material in high demand for making beautiful cabochons.

In summary: Pink Opal is not really color-gradable. Its price really depends on what you like personally, what you are looking for, what is the opinion of the seller, what´s available at a given time, and what you are willing to pay for it.


A few tips:

  • DO NOT EXPECT to be able to buy a certain color pattern again in the future. If you like a certain pattern, then buy as much as possible of it and stock up as long as it´s available. Because it will disappear and then your stock can be sold at a much higher price point.
  • DO NOT EXPECT to be able to buy a certain pink Opal color pattern again for the same price. Price will necessarily rise over time and it will rise a lot. So again, buy a lot of this material as long as the price is low and stock up.
  • Adapt to a constantly changing offer of color patterns on the market.

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drop shaped Master Cabochon made from Pink Opal
Master Cabochon made from Pink Opal
drop shaped Master Cabochon made from Pink opal 2
Bauhaus Style pendant made from Sterling silver and Pink Opal
Collection Orbita: silver ring with Pink Opal disk
aragonite worry stone
drop shaped Master Cabochon made from Pink Opal
drop shaped Master Cabochon made from Pink opal 2
Aragonite heart vertical cut
Aragonite heart vertical cut
Bauhaus Style pendant made from Sterling silver and Pink Opal
Aragonite heart horizontal cut
aragonite worry stone
Collection Orbita: silver ring with Pink Opal disk

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