Peruvian Black Iris Opal

About Peruvian Black Iris Opal

Peruvian Black Iris Opal® was discovered in 2019 when in a Pink Opal vein appeared a tiny bubble of this unique material (only 20 Kg). Then for more than a year, this material never again appeared. Just recently in 2022, a new bubble of this material appeared in the same vein. This time 250 kilograms of Peruvian Black Iris Opal® could be extracted before the bubble disappeared again. And who knows, if there will be ever again a find of this material.

With a total of only 280 kilograms of this material ever being found, the Peruvian Black Iris Opal deserves the title of being one of the rare materials worldwide. The entire amount of this material is owned by Gemrock Peru.

Peruvian Black Iris Opal® is a blackish translucent stone with a white pattern that resembles the coloration pattern of a human iris.

But the most amazing feature of this beautiful stone is that it is fluorescent. Under UV light the white part emits a strong dark green fluorescent light.

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Black Iris Opal cabochon
Black Iris Opal cabochon
Black Iris Opal cabochon
Black Iris Opal cabochon

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