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The only authorized seller of Huanzala Pyrite from Peru

Since January 2020 Gemrock Peru S.A.C. has the permanent exclusive rights for the extraction and global sale of Pyrite from the famous Huanzala mine in the Huallanca District, Áncash, Peru.

Our Crystal Qualities

Massive Pyrite

Massive pyrite is actualy a broken Pyrite cube. As this cube is a grown crystal its entire mass is massive without drusis or pores. They are sold from minimum sizes of 3 cm diameter that compare to a small Peruvian lemon. Massive Pyrite is comparatively rare and therefore sold at higher prices than pyrite with druses and small crystals.

Chispa (Regular spark)

Pyrite with many druses and covered in smallest crystals of an average size of 1 mm.

Chispa resaltada (Highlighted spark)

Pyrite with many druses and covered in small crystals of an average size of 3 to 4 mm (comparatively the size of a rice grain).

Regular cocada

Pyrite with many druses and covered in crystals of an average size of 1 to 1.5 cm (Not all the crystals on the rock have to have this size. Many times bigger crystals are surrounded by crystals the size of spark or highlighted spark)

First class cocada

Pyrite with many druses and covered in crystals of an average size of 1.5 to 2.5 cm.


Crystal size 2.5 a 5 cm. This size class and higher is commonly sold as crystal collectors piece.

First class cubes

Crystal size bigger than 5 cm.

Why choose Huanzala Pyrite?

Best quality

Because of its high quality Huanzala pyrite is used for all kinds of decor pieces and preferred world wide.

Superior Beauty

Collectors’ pieces from Huanzala do stand out globally because of its amazing crystal formations, the size of crystal clusters and the many combinations with other mineral crystals.


The new system of pyrite extraction provides a regular flow of pyrite covering global demand. Its environmentally safe and benefits the local population.

Be cautious: There are Peruvian companies mixing Pyrite from Trujillo province with real Huanzala pyrite and then sell the entire lot as Huanzala pyrite.

Pyrite from Trujillo has a very high content of arsenic and is a toxic material, that may put the health of your clients at risk.

At first glance, objects made from Trujillo pyrite may look the same as Huanzala pyrite. However, you can easily distinguish both: Have a look at unpolished parts. While Huanzala pyrite has a clean golden color, Trujillo pyrite shows black patches.

After just a few months, the shine of the polished Trujillo pyrite will disappear and the material will blacken. This material is not only a danger to health it will also lead to complaints from your clients and damage your companies’ image.

We advise you to work only with recommended dealers of serious companies. Gemrock Peru is the only authorized dealer for Huanzala Pyrite and can provide certificates of origin if requested. All other Huanzala Pyrite has been extracted illegally from the mine. We are happy to provide you with information if a dealer offering you Huanzala Pyrite is one of our clients.

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