Pyrite moon
Pyrite moon

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Bi-discs are very versatile decorative objects which in combination with other decorations to create a stunning setting in your clients interior. One can hang them on the wall, frame them, or put them on a stand and combine several colours and different sizes.

The Bi-Disc is mostly a round, carved and polished disc with a hole in the middle. The form dates back from the Neolithic period and was scarcely decorated. Later pieces were sometimes decorated with patterns, animals or characters. They were used as a status or religious symbol and researchers guess their meaning had to do with the sun or the afterlife.

In 2021 Gemrock Peru will start the production of Bi-Discs made from Peruvian rocks and minerals. We are going to be the only national producer of those stunning decor products.

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Pyrite moon

Guaranteed Quality


We are standing out from the Peruvian crowd through our quality. Products are well shaped with a great polish and scratch free.

Bi-Disc Materials




Rhodonite with epidote


Peruvian Pink Aragonite (high grade)

Cherry Blossom Stone (Cinnabrite)

Peruvian Quantum Cuatro



Peruvian Black Jade

Green Jade (Nephrite)


Coati Aragonite

Canadian pinolite

Red Aragonite


Peruvian Rosophia

Chrysocolla (var. "Mother Earth")

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