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Massive Epidote Crystals for Gemcutting

Epidote Crystals mined by Gemrock Peru

Epidote for cabochon cutting

In our own crystal mining operation in the desert mountains of Lima Province, we can find small amounts of “massive” crystals. We call it a massive crystal when the crystalization process has not led to threedimensional groups of loose crystal fans being separated from each other, but instead forming a mass of epidote, where fan-shaped clusters can be seen as an internal structure of that “rock”.

The color of our massive epidote crystals is dark green to pistachio-green.


Epidote displays strong pleochroism (or iridescence), which means their optical properties vary with the direction of light. The direction of the electric field determines the polarization of light, and crystals will respond in different ways if this angle is changed.

This makes it a perfect material for cabochon cutting and producing some very beautiful jewelry. We produce cabochons and jewelry and do sell small amounts of massive crystals to gemcutters.

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Products that we make from massive epidote crystals.

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