This notice is to inform about the reorganization of global Peruvian Pyrite exports.

 Gemrock Peru S.A.C. in partnership with Santa Luisa Mining company in Huanzala, Rumi Maqui S.A.C. and the Municipality of the District of Huallanca in Peru are happy to announce an important corporate social responsibility project which will reorganize the global trade in rough pyrite, pyrite crystal specimen and pyrite products made from Huanzala pyrite. We are offering your company a number of advantages and benefits while at the same time providing an economic development opportunity by adhering to Corporate Social Responsibility by providing the people of Huallanca with fair and healthy labor conditions and guaranteeing environmental protection. This will result in products from materials that are ethically mined
and processed. We also have practices in place for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Why is this project necessary?

Over the last few decades, Huanzala has become an unofficial trademark standing for the world’s most stable and beautiful pyrite and ranking high in demand on a global scale. Not many people however are aware of the dirty secret of global Huanzala pyrite trade: Up to now all Huanzala pyrite has been extracted illegally from the mine, including pyrite crystals and collectors pieces. A well-organized corrupt network of middlemen made it possible for “miners” to enter the mine at night and illegally extract material from the mine for their personal gain. This has led in the past not only to accidents and theft, but also to violent encounters with security forces resulting in victims on both sides. Once obtained illegally from the mine, the pyrite was transported to workshops in Lima transforming the rough into products while operating without any environmental guidelines and exposing workers to serious health hazards without providing any benefits like health insurance or retirement plans, while paying abusive minimum salaries. Finally, pyrite rough and products have been exported without the required legal paperwork e.g. certificates of origin. Even worse, pyrite exports were used to smuggle illegal gold and drugs putting the client in danger and causing a problem for all legal exporters. Meaning, those who legally export pyrite must deal with customs tearing apart their parcels looking for smuggled goods, risking significant damage to the pyrite specimens.

Now, for the first time ever, Santa Luisa Mining Corporation itself, the municipality of Huallanca and two Peruvian gemstone companies joined forces in order to put an end to this illegal and abusive system and benefit the local community as well as companies like yours and your clients alike.


What are our goals?

  •  Put an end to illegal extraction, unfair labor conditions and environmental contamination.
    Benefit the local community by creating quality jobs in the production of gemstone products made from pyrite.
  • Creating a mineral museum in Huallanca town and creating jobs in tourism as well as benefitting local restaurants and hotels by creating this new stop-over tourism attraction
  • Benefitting global corporate clients by offering legal high quality products.
  • Benefitting your clients by adding value to our ethically sourced products.



What is going to change in order to make this dream reality?


  • Santa Luisa Mining Corporation (the Huanzala mine) has made pyrite an official product of the company extracting the pyrite themselves. Therefore, any extraction of pyrite from the area by third parties or any unauthorized involvement of mine-workers is from now on considered theft.
  • The mines management has signed an official cooperation agreement with the Peruvian National Police, which will allow for improved security and regular crackdowns on any observed illegal pyrite extraction and transport from Huanzala.
  • Gemrock Peru S.A.C. and Santa Luisa Mining cooperation have signed a contract making Gemrock Peru to be the exclusive buyer and global distributor of all Huanzala pyrite to be extracted from the mine.
  • Santa Luisa Mining cooperation, Gemrock Peru S.A.C., Rumi Maqui S.A.C. and the Municipality of Huallanca District have signed a multiyear agreement to establish a legal workshop in Huallanca town in order to create local jobs by transforming pyrite rough into a variety of high quality products. Another part of the agreement is the creation of a mineral museum and tourism development.
  • All workshops transforming pyrite on a national level will be obliged to comply with environmental standards and waste treatment plans as well as labor conditions formulated by Gemrock Peru S.A.C. in order to fulfill contractual conditions with Santa Luisa Mining Corporation.
  • Santa Luisa Mining Corporation will expedite certifications of origin for Gemrock Peru S.A.C. which will include chemical analysis in order to identify legal Huanzala Pyrite in all our exports.Santa Luisa Mining cooperation and Gemrock Peru will initiate meetings with representatives of the Peruvian Ministry of Mining and Peruvian customs in order to stop any export not in compliance with the legally required documentation. Therefore all Huanzala pyrite being exported from Peru, not in compliance with the required legal paperwork, from now on will be considered internationally as illegally exported and the receiving countries customs enforcement will be notified.
  • Gemrock Peru S.A.C. will contact and discuss possible cooperation agreements with all former Peruvian pyrite exporters in order to evaluate their integration into the system under the new legal terms.



How does this benefit you?

Advantages for the global trade

  • With a minimum extraction of 240 metric tons of pyrite per year, we can guarantee a constant flow of rough stone and gemstone products for global distribution, by avoiding shortages and by helping you to create a safer sales strategy having a reliable partner.
  • From now on you are going to talk directly to the producer and wholesaler all in one. No intermediaries being involved means better prices.

Advantages for you

  • Highest standard of craftsmanship and polish on all our products.
  • Standardized quality levels according to crystal size.
  • Standardized sizes, shapes and weights.
  • You buy safely from a legal company.
  • We specialize on attending smaller shops and retail clients as well as individual jewelry artists.
  • We can offer complete production of jewelry including silver and goldsmithing according to your designs.
  • We love to be creative and are happy to develop your ideas into exclusive product lines. We welcome custom orders.
  • You can order all year round from our exclusive representatives in USA and Europe or directly from Peru without any difference in pricing.
  • We are working on solutions to offer you international payments in cryptocurrency in order to reduce banking fees.
  • We are still looking for exclusive country representatives in Australia, Eastern Europe and Asia/Pacific – contact us now

Added value for your clients

  • You are a part of a fair trade strategy.
  • You do actively support a community development project in the Peruvian Andes.
  • You support an alternative to abusive labor conditions and illegal trade.
  • You support healthy workplaces.
  • You support ecologically clean production methods.

Become an early adopter and get an additional advantage over your competition.
We are looking for long-term partnerships and strategic alliances with our retail clients on a global scale. Correcting the current illegal and unfair extraction and trading system, as well as creating fair trading conditions by adjusting to the requirements of a formal company like Gemrock Peru, who pays adequate salaries and takes care of its workers and the environment, will naturally result in an increase of prices for pyrite rough and products over the course of the next two years until we get to a level that satisfies all parts of the production chain and still works for the end consumer.

However if you become an early adopter starting your business relation with Gemrock Peru in the first quarter of 2020 and are willing to commit to fixed yearly minimum orders we can offer you an “Early Adopter” discount below the current “Wholesale Price Schedule”. These preferential prices will stay stable for at least two years. The “Early Adopter” discount will apply to all products produced while you qualify for the “Early Adopter” discount. Support this corporate social responsibility project now by becoming a preferential partner with Gemrock Peru.

We are hoping that this information was of use for you and would be delighted to have you as a client of ours. I am sure you might have a lot of questions regarding these changes and what they mean for your business. We are happy to help you out.

Please feel free to write us anytime, send me a WhatsApp message (+51/ 99 410 42 06) or ask me for a video conference call.
Please feel free to browse our website especially made for our resellers (not for final customers) and read in more detail about all we can offer you. You can download our product catalogues and wholesale prices for rough and products. We also
recommend you subscribe to our newsletter which will keep you informed about all news from our business and product developments.

Finally, you can meet me and our USA distributor/agent (Unconventional Lapidarist LLC) personally at this year’s Tucson gem show. We have organized our last-minute participation to present our project thanks to the offer from our exclusive distribution partner for gemstone products in the USA to share his booth. You will find us with a small selection of our products being presented at: Kino Gem and Mineral Show at Tent OS A2 against the North Pavilion. I would recommend contacting us as soon as possible in order to fix a date for a personal meeting in Tucson because we do foresee a very busy schedule and we would not be happy to miss out on a meeting with you.

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