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The global market is flooded by 3 to 5 dollar cabochons. Why is it that those cabochons are so cheap while professional lapidary gemcutters do retail their cabs for 50.- to 150.- USD per piece?

Gemrock Peru is proud to say that our company is the leader in high quality cabochons in Peru for a reasonable wholesale price. None of our competitors is able to offer you cabochons of our quality.

See below 6 ways how you can differenciate between a cheap mass product and a high quality cabochon.

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New: Pyrite Designer cabs

Being cut from a single big pyrite cube the natural crystal surface provides unique 3D  cabs.



Low quality cab

Edge chipped/rounded 

When there is no edge at all and the border is rounded then those cabs have been most likely mass produced in tumblers. This is the lowest quality production on the market. But also in cheap hand-cut cabs you will find uneven, rounded or chipped edges between back and side of the cab as a clear indication of low quality.

Uneven bezel (side)

Cheap cabs have an uneven bezel (side) with varying height. Mostly towards points and tips of the cabs those sides reduce heights. In the worst cases the sides are badly polished, scratched or chipped.

Uneven/rounded edge between bezel and dome

Low quality cabs have rounded off, uneven and sometimes even chipped edges between the side (girdle) and the dome (top part of the cab).

Uneven, bumpy (often high) dome

Low quality cabs have often rather high and round domes. Nevertheless those domes are often uneven. One can feel (and sometimes even see) bumps, holes and or ridges. Especially close to the edge they ofthe show small flat facetlike surface parts. 

Bad polish

Low quality cabs have nearly always a bad polish. Bad polish can be identified by looking at the light reflections. If the borders of light reflections are diffuse and not clear cut, the polish is bad. Good polish is mirrorlike or glasslike. In the worst cases the surface is scratched.

Unpolished versus polished back 

An unploished back is NOT a indication for bad quality as the back normally disappears in the silver or gold setting and cant be seen. 

While an unpolished back is NOT an indication for low quality, a polished back is definitely an additional indication for a very high quality designer cab. In those cases it is possible to set the cab into a silver or gold setting that leaves the back visible.

High quality cab

Sharp edge

High quality cabs have a very sharp, clean, straight and unchipped  edge between back and side of the cab.


Perfectly even bezel

Red aragonite tumbled stones

High quality cabs have perfectly straight and even bezel, being higly polished without scratches and unchipped.

Perfect and sharp edge between side and dome

High quality cabs have perfectly straight, even, sharp and unchipped edges between the side and the dome.

Mostly nearly flat and perfectly shaped dome

High quality cabs have perfectly shaped, often only slightly domed and nearly flat domes, without any ridges or bumps.

Perfect polish

Perfectly polished cabs show sharp edged light reflections on their surface. Often the surface is mirrorlike and you can see reflections of the surrounding environment. No scratches.

Our cab-cutting services:

All services can be provided using our rock or using the rough rock that you send us.

If you send us your rock, ofcourse we only charge you the cutting service.

If we use our rock we are charging the cutting service plus the material cost.

1.) Bulk cutting:

You determine the shapes and sizes of your cabochons and the quality level you wish, as well as the number of cabs per design and we cut your order.

An alternative way of bulk cutting (in case you send  us your rock) is that you leave us free hand to decide how many cabs of each type we are cutting out of your rock. This way we can optimise the number of cabs being cut from your rock by using more of the material.

2.) Designer cabs

2.a) Cutting from slabs:

Send us your slabs with painted on shapes of your cabs and we cut them for you.

2.b) Custom development cutting

We cut the rough rock (yours or ours) in slabs and suggest the position of the designer cabs by painting them on the slabs. After reviewing our suggestions with you by picture or video we cut your cabs.

Gemrocks´ Startup Support

Starting a crystalshop (online or physical) is not easy – we know. But we believe in you and we have your back, because your success is ours.

We support startup companies with lower shipping prices. You can order without minimum amounts. We offer “Buy now, Pay later” agreements, as well as intensive business coaching. 

Ethical Crystal Sourcing

The Sky is the Limit!

We believe in global cooperation of like-minded companies and investors in order to earn money while changing the world for better.

Partner with us in this tide-changing spearheading initiative and provide your clients with 100 % traceable really ethical crystal products while protecting the environment, supporting fair trade and ethical labour conditions as well as fighting child labour.

And while making the world a better place, you will also make profits from on the project, have access to exclusive investor discounts and enjoy a free global marketing campaign resulting in an improved image of your bussiness and more clients.

Get a unique edge over your competitors.

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